Pocketfolds are tidy presentation folders, often used for wedding invitations and great for businesses looking for a professional way to present multiple cards. Tuck your info cards into the pocket and glue the main card into the centre panel. We have a range of colours available, and currently make pocketfolds to fit A6 Portrait, A6 Horizontal, Square 15 cm, DLE, A5 and 5×7″ cards, manufactured here at Pinc using environmentally responsible papers which have been locally sourced from local New Zealand suppliers.

Posting pocketfolds: If sending your pocketfolds in the post, we recommend putting them in a mailing envelope. Pocketfolds are a presentation folder rather than a functioning mailing envelope (if you tip it the cards will fall out of the pocket). See the mailing envelopes section for our custom diamond flap envelopes. 

Customisation: For custom sizes, or to add foil or embossing please get in touch.

To purchase: Please email us or use the contact form for information and pricing. 


A6 Portrait

Size: 115 x 158 mm, to fit A6 cards (105×148 mm) 

A6 Horizontal

Size: 115 x 158 mm, to fit A6 cards (105×148 mm)

Square 150 mm

Size: 150 x 150 mm, to fit 140mm square cards

DLE Pocketfolds

Size: 109 x 220 mm, to fit DLE cards (99×210 mm)

5x7" Pocketfolds

Size: 140 x 190 mm, to fit 5×7 cards (127×178 mm)

A5 Pocketfolds

Size: 158 x 220 mm, to fit A5 cards (148×210 mm)