Pocketfolds are popular presentation envelopes often used for wedding invitations, and also great for businesses looking for a tidy way to present multiple cards. Tuck your info cards into the pocket and glue the main card into the centre panel. Our pocketfold envelopes are manufactured by us here at Pinc using environmentally responsible papers which have been locally sourced from New Zealand suppliers. We have a range of colours available, and currently make pocketfolds to fit A6 Portrait, A6 Horizontal, Square 15 cm, DLE, A5 and 5×7″ cards.

Posting pocketfolds: If sending your pocketfolds in the post, we recommend putting them in a mailing envelope. Pocketfolds are not designed to survive the postal system, they are a presentation folder rather than a functioning mailing envelope (if you tip it the cards will fall out of the pocket). See the mailing envelopes section to purchase. A6 pocketfolds fit in stubbie 12 x 18 cm envelopes. Square pocketfolds fit in 16 cm square mailing envelopes. DLE pocketfolds fit in our DLE envelopes. 5×7″ and A5 pocketfolds both require a C5 mailing envelope for postage.

Custom pocketfolds: For custom sizes please get in touch. Custom printing and branding is also available – we can add wedding monograms, initials, logos etc.

A6 Portrait

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A6 Horizontal

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5x7" Pocketfolds

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Square Pocketfolds

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A5 Pocketfolds

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DLE Pocketfolds

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