Our envelopes are available as an add-on to our invitations and printing services – available in diamond-flap, interlocking styles, and custom shapes! Available in a wide range of lovely colours and textures, with or without custom printing, manufactured on site here at Pinc.

Smooth stocks in bright and pastel colours, textured white or off-white options to match our invitation printing stock options, and a range of earthy tones from the Evergreen Environment range, which use 30% post-consumer recycled fibres. The envelopes have a self-adhesive strip on the tip to seal them closed. Some of the colours available are shown in the gallery below, feel free to get in touch to enquire about the colour you need. 

Sizes: We are able to cut (almost) any size/shape.

To enquire: Please email us or use the contact form for information, timeframes and pricing.