We supply envelopes in a range of shapes, sizes and colours sourced through a local New Zealand manufacturer. While we usually have popular sizes and colours in stock for immediate dispatch, sometimes envelopes can take a few days to be made up. If you have a tight time frame or have any questions please ask before ordering. 

Envelopes are all made from a 120 gsm paper stock with self-adhesive closing. We also have butterfly/petal envelopes available, both options come in white envelopes, coloured envelopes (including kraft), metallic/pearl and textured envelopes. 

For pocketfolds: our A6 pocketfolds fit into stubbie envelopes (not C6). DLE pocketfolds fit in to DLE envelopes (not butterfly). 5×7″ and A5 pocketfolds fit into C5 envelopes. Square pocketfolds fit into 16 cm square envelopes (standard or butterfly). 

C7 Envelopes

85 x 115 mm

DLE Envelopes

114 x 225 mm

Metro Envelopes

140 x 180 mm

Square 150 mm

150 x 150 mm

C7 Butterfly

85 x 115 mm

DLE Butterfly

114 x 210 mm

Square 120 mm

120 x 120 mm

Square 160 mm

160 x 160 mm

C6 Envelopes

114 x 162 mm

Stubbie Envelopes

120 x 180 mm

120 mm Butterfly

Square 120 x 120 mm

160 mm Butterfly

Square 160 x 160 mm

C6 Butterfly

114 x 162 mm

Federal Envelopes

130 x 200 mm

C5 Envelopes

162 x 229 mm

Square 130 mm

130 x 130 mm