About Us

Pinc is a graphic design and printing studio based in Silverdale on the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in digital and foil printing and we are passionate about creating beautiful designs and outstanding print work. Pinc was formed by Margriet O’Reilly in 2011 as a complimentary business to her successful freelance graphic design company. Pinc started with manufacturing paper products (like pocketfold envelopes and sleeves), and eventually grew to absorb its sister company, taking over the design services as well. Pinc now consists of a team of 5 in various design and production roles, operating from a commercial premise in Silverdale. Over this time we have won various awards, featured in several publications and created some very cool work for loads of amazing clients!

Pinc is a 100% NZ owned and operated, family run business passionate about supporting our local community. We chose to work with local, NZ suppliers and we are passionate about doing what we can to reduce our environmental impact on our beautiful country.  

Our Story

Pinc’s growth has been a whirlwind. In 2015 Margriet was presented with an opportunity to add foiling to Pinc’s range of services – a gentleman who was keen to retire phoned and asked if Pinc was interested in taking over his foil stamping machinery. Margriet’s initial reaction was “No thank you, I have 2 pre-schoolers, I work from home – I like this, and I don’t want a warehouse full of machinery” (well, that was after “Eeee! I love foil!”) but when he said he worked from a single garage… Margriet & hubby Conan drove out to have a look and, well, you know how that panned out! They thought Conan could do a little foiling in his time off from work, but less than 6 months later the business had grown to a point where Conan left his job to work in the business full time. Growing fast, within a year the team grew to employ 2 team members helping in both design and production roles. 1 year later in September 2017 Pinc made the big change from being a home-based business, and moved 1.5 km down the road to a commercial premise in Silverdale Street. 1 year following this move, Pinc took over a neighbouring unit, occupying 2 spaces at their Silverdale Street address (one as the Design Studio and one as Production). Pinc’s current team consists of Margriet, Conan, Natasha, Aleisha, Vernon, Emilija & Freya. Pinc has been lucky enough to win several awards, the highlights being a finalist in the Westpac Business Awards for Best Emerging Business, and winning Gold at the 2020 Pride In Print Awards. Pinc has also had their print work featured in 2 NZ television series, and their work has been featured in several publications. You can read more detail about their story in the articles in the Pinc in the Media section of our website.

Our Team 

Margriet O’Reilly

Margriet is the founder and one of the owners of Pinc (along with hubby, Conan). A qualified graphic designer (BDes, Unitec), Margriet is passionate about building meaningful relationships with both clients and suppliers. Margriet is on the receiving end of the initial enquiries you send and will most likely be your first point of contact at Pinc, before passing your request on to one of our team who will carry out your prints and designs.

Margriet in a nutshell: Love coffee. Summer is my season! The Hibiscus Coast is like living in paradise with all these beaches… Loves exploring the local coastline on the jetskis. I live in my forever home. Uncontrollably-nauseously-scared of heights. Would have more dogs if Conan would let me. Incredibly proud of this business and what we have achieved together. Favourite quote: “I live in a madhouse run by a tiny army that I made myself” … 


Conan O’Reilly

After a 13 year career in the New Zealand Airforce, he never thought he’d end up as the co-owner and Production Manager of a design and print studio, but now spends his weekdays running Pinc’s Production unit, executing and supervising the majority of the print finishing. Conan carries out almost all of the foil stamping. You’re most likely to hear from him when he emails to let you know your printed items are on their way. 

Conan in a nutshell: Loves coffee. Loves perfectly mown lawns. Favourite animal = lemur. Enjoys trying really, really hot sauces. Holds everyone at Pinc to a very high standard (and we reckon he is the one who rolls his eyes the most out of all of us!) Prefers design aesthetics that align perfectly. Would love to distill his own gin at home. Scared of really big hairy spiders. Prefers The Rock to our work playlist (luckily he has his own unit to play whatever music he likes). The cat is his favourite pet. Lives close to the ocean for a very good reason. 

Aleisha Mutch

Aleisha is one of our qualified Graphic Designers and has been a valued member of the team at Pinc since March 2020. As well as helping to carry out the design work Aleisha will help you with sending out samples and proofs, and will also assist you in printing your work on our Ricoh Production Press.

Aleisha in a nutshell: Found it really hard to help write this paragraph. Lives for beach, sun and friends. Has come across at least 7 other ways of spelling Aleisha. Guaranteed to be at every drum & bass gig she can get herself to. Judges Tash for adding Christmas songs to the playlist in November. Excellent hula-hooper. Would love to perfect the art of making gnocchi. Can definitely laugh at herself. Appreciates the effort that goes into growing a good mullet & mo. Wanted to be a dentist by day and rock star by night when she was little. Spontaneous weekend trips to Wellington. First concert: Black Eyed Peas. Passionate about being an amazing graphic designer. Getting a job in her field straight out of uni is one of her proudest accomplishments. Often asking what everyone else is having for lunch. Loves surprises. 

Emilija Rakich

Emilija is one of our new designers, joining the Pinc team in July 2021. Emilija will help you create your designs, as well as helping to send out proofs and samples. 

Emilija in a nutshell: Wows everyone with her ability to draw, paint and create. Lives in a tiny house on a farm alongside 50 goats. Would love to build her own tiny house. Favourite concert: Imagine Dragons. Loves to collect games and books. Lives for the warmth of Summer. Terrified of heights. Chose graphic design to have a creative outlet as a career. The laughing one is Emilija’s most used emoji. Enjoys a hot choccie. Would love to learn the Croatian language due to her Croatian heritage. Dreams of having a studio space to do her art and craft projects. Favourite book is “Sad Girls” (amazing plot twist). Terrified of sharks. Favourite actress: Margot Robbie. Has a dog, 3 rabbits and 1 goat as pets. Proudest accomplishment: design degree.

Freya Wyeth

Freya is one of our new designers, joining the Pinc team in July 2021. Freya will help you create your designs, as well as helping to send out proofs and samples. 

Freya in a nutshell: Adrenalin junkie. Skydiving + rock climbing. Favourite location: Queenstown. Would love to do the Nevis bungy jump. Was nominated for The Best Awards for one of her final year projects at uni. Favourite show: Loki. Loves Winter. Terrified of cicadas. Owns way too many candles. Loves coffee. Favourite concert: Gorillaz in Ireland. Owns way too many shoes. Harry Potter fan. Would love to learn the Japanese language. Wanted to be a sprinter when she grew up. Shaka is Freya’s most used emoji. Appreciates the importance of good design. 

Kobi + sadie

On the days that Sadie and Kobi are onsite they are the cheer squad for our team at Pinc, offering cuddles and licks as required. They love tummy rubs, scratches, play fighting with each other, sleeping, and will do anything for treats. They are masters at distracting clients who have stopped in for a chat or to collect their print work (please allow extra time for pats if stopping in!) Sadie was born before the first lockdown and became beyond terrified when she realised there was more to the world than our house. She has huge separation anxiety issues, so Kobi joined us late 2020 to show her that the world is actually an okay place. It is a work in progress. Sadie will bark at first but she realises pretty soon that people give great pats. Sadie is a Spitz/Shiba Inu/KCC Spaniel cross who didn’t grow any bigger than this. And Kobi is a Griffon cross who is waaaay too big for a Griffon. The vet hasn’t seen anything like either of them, but either way – we love them both lots!