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Sleeves, proudly New Zealand made! Sleeves are a tidy way to present your gift vouchers and invitations. Great for keeping multiple cards together in one tidy package – eg. invitation + info cards, collections of prints/postcards, or promotional business items. With a thumb grip on the front for easy access, these are available in over 40 colours. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at info@printitpinc.co.nz, or call 09 421 1157.

Designed to fit A5 cards (148 x 210 mm) the sleeves are 1 cm wider than A5 and a little taller (158 x 212 mm) to house several cards easily.

Branding is available – whether embossed or foil printed, we can add wedding monograms, initials, business logos to your sleeves.